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Customers may forget what you said but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.
– Unknown



Take a look at what some of our customers are saying about us.

Providence Bank epitomizes the way a community bank should be run.

"I became a customer of Providence Bank in 2006 because the bank's branch is close to my house. My first accounts were personal accounts, not business accounts. However, the front facing customer service professionals always made me feel valued as a client. So, after starting a business, Providence Bank was the first place I thought of. I also opened a trust account and utilize their safe deposit boxes. I have since opened an account for a second business. Needless to say, I am quite happy.

What has been important to me is that the employees have gotten to know my needs, which most banks try to do but usually miss the mark. And, the response time when making a request is quick. Providence Bank epitomizes the way a community bank should be run.

I've been impressed with everyone I interacted with over 13+ years. The professionals at the teller window have been great which is a testimony not only to their skills, but also to the managers who have brought them in and trained them. I was extremely surprised recently when I had a question and Beverly immediately went to get Andy from a back office. Andy came out and spent 30 minutes meeting with me to really get to know me and understand what I was asking for. Similarly, President Brad took time out of his day to talk to me.

It's been a team effort that has made the difference for me."

Gregory Henley
Nexxt Productions, Inc.

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Lara & Brian Dolan

We made the switch 3 years ago and will be with Providence Bank forever.

"We left a large national chain to join Providence Bank; we had never been part of a small bank community before. The difference is night and day. Everyone at Providence Bank is committed to personal service and individualized attention. They are focused on our community, just like we are. The only thing we miss from a big bank are the errors and fees. We made the switch 3 years ago and will be with Providence Bank forever.

Beverly is always so great. She follows up on my questions and always responds quickly. She is pro-active with my kids accounts and our various business accounts."

Lara & Brian Dolan

Lara & Brian Dolan

Thank you, Providence Bank, for bringing back the notion of true relationship banking.

"Excellent customer service has almost become a thing of the past as consumers have grown accustomed to outsourced customer service departments and faceless, electronic "help." My husband and I recently had the best experience that one could have at a bank at Providence Bank in Alpharetta, GA. It always gives me a bit of hope when a bank actually goes above and beyond the call of duty and provides excellent customer support.

While searching for a business loan, I contacted Andy Jordan, SVP/Senior Lending Officer. I could tell he was smiling just by the way he answered the phone. Andy provided the best loan options and made it possible for my husband and I to open our second fitness center. From the very beginning, he was very responsive to questions we had throughout the process and he seamlessly facilitated all the documents we had to procure in order to secure the loan. He conducted his own due diligence and visited the current site we owned and the site we wished to purchase. He made us feel like he was a stakeholder in the process. He did not stop there. Andy’s “can do” and “will do” attitude has blossomed into a true relationship for us with Providence Bank. We moved some of Personal Banking and our Business Banking to the Bank. Andy even requested that any fees we incurred as a result of timing in moving our accounts and as deposits were being set up, be waived. We have now had the chance to meet most of the other Officers and staff of the Bank (Beverly, Bradley, Kim, Cindy, etc.) as everyone comes out to meet new customers. The entire staff has been refreshingly welcoming, and gives us a sense that they genuinely care about 

our well-being. Beverly helped us set up our Accounts and always assists with any on-line support questions. She has always made time to see me during my trips to the Bank.

Thank you, Providence Bank, for bringing back the notion of true relationship banking."

Anytime Fitness

CarolAnn Denton-Fitzpatrick
Fitzpatrick Enterprises Fitness, Inc.

Providence Bank believed in me when no other banker did.

“Andy Jordan, and by extension, Providence Bank believed in me when no other banker did. He looked at more than just numbers and saw a person with a big dream and a plan to achieve it. Also, every time I arrive, Tammy, Natalie, Beverly, Andy, and literally every other associate greets me with a smile.”

Dr. Ben McDowell
McDowell Chiropractic

Dr Ben McDowell

They are by far the ‘Best Small Bank’ anywhere!

“Providence Bank has proven to us that they are all about ‘Personal Customer Service.’ In the past six years they have shown us exceptional service. Their entire staff is always pleasant, personal and professional. They are by far the ‘Best Small Bank’ anywhere!”

 Intile Painting Contractors, Inc. 

Intile Painting

Everyone at Providence Bank is eager to help.

“I will never use a large bank again thanks to Brad Serff and his team! It’s nice when you walk in and everyone knows who you are. My family and I are treated in a very friendly but professional manner. When I applied for a line of credit for my business, the decision was made quickly and locally. Very stress free and easy. Everyone at Providence Bank is eager to help.”

Joe Novelli

Joe Novelli and Brad Serff



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