Basic Tips to Use Credit Cards Wisely

Imagine walking into a bank to ask for a loan for a night out with friends. “Right away, sir/ma’am,” your friendly banker says. “Just sign here, here, and here. FYI, the annual interest rate is 20%, and there are steep surcharges for late payment.” […]

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Navigating Money and Marriage

A joint bank account can be the ultimate symbol of trust in a relationship. It promotes transparency and unity in financial decisions. Surveys show that couples with a joint checking account are twice as happier. Even so, there are times when having separate accounts makes the most sense. It means freedom, autonomy, and the ability to steer yourself to a better financial future. Relationships may end, but financial needs are here to stay. […]

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Benefits of Community Banking

Whether you are searching for a place to save your money securely, or for a place to get a loan, you have multiple options. Typically, you can deposit your cash or borrow from the various large financial institutions with numerous branches across the country. Conversely, you can open any type of account at a relatively smaller community bank. […]

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