Providence Bank’s Business and Consumer Services

As an entrepreneur or consumer, you rely on your bank for a wide range of resources. These essential tools are crucial in your day to day transactions, and even in your personal life. Though not all of the services available at the bank are relevant to you, it is good to familiarize yourself with these services, in case you require them later.

Providence Bank Provides Products for Both Businesses and Consumers

  • Checking and Savings Accounts: Accounts for checking and savings provide the same services for both businesses and consumers. A checking account is used for depositing money and settling bills, whereas a savings account is used to earn interest on saved cash.
  • Loans: Loans are crucial for the management and growth of a business. There are different kinds of business loans to match your needs. There are also a wide variety of personal loans suited to the goals and needs of consumers, such as auto, home construction and/or improvement, recreational vehicle, and home equity loans.
  • Credit and Debit Card: These cards enable you to access your bank account and some consumer cards allow you to utilize technological innovations such as monitoring your account.

Business-Specific Banking Tools From Providence Bank

  • Positive Pay: It is very easy for checks to be forged, and this can put a massive hole in your bank account. However, with Positive Pay, you do not have to worry about checks you have not authorized. This service prevents fraudulent activities by vetting all issued checks before submitting any payments
  • Account Receivables Financing: Providence Bank prides itself on not relying on outside sources for finances. This does not only lower our costs for doing business, but it also translates to lower fees for our clients. We have experts at your disposal who will guide you on how accounts receivable financing will improve your organization’s finances and earn you money to meet your immediate needs.
  • Bill Payment: With this service, you can set up one-time and recurring payments. We save you money on postage fees, and time on organizing your bills.

For more information about the consumer and business banking tools and products at Providence Bank visit:

Your bank is an indispensable partner in your day-to-day activities and business transactions. Community banks have tools for both businesses and individuals, which can help you control your spending, and attain your saving goals. We are here to guide you on essential elements of finance, and help you choose the service that is best suited for your business or personal life.

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